Banner background image

Is it possible to influence the image section of the banners background image?

I tried to change the original pictures width, height etc., but it didn’t bring the result I hoped for.
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Hello dozentenpool24,

Thank you for your question. We will review this and update you accordingly.

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Vzy Team

Hello dozentenpool24,

Yes, it is possible! To achieve specific effects on the background image of your banner in Vzy, you can adjust various settings such as Color, Media, Text, Height, Width, Alignment, Blur, Greyscale, and Parallax. Here’s a guide on how to achieve different effects:

  1. Color: Adjust the color overlay on the background image to match your branding or desired aesthetic.

  2. Media: Swap out the background image to a different media file (image, video, slideshow, etc.) if needed.

  3. Text: Ensure that the text on top of the banner background is legible and positioned correctly.

  4. Height and Width: Resize the banner background image to fit the dimensions you want.

  5. Alignment: Align the background image or content within the banner to suit your layout preferences.

  6. Blur: Apply a blur effect to the background image to create depth or focus on foreground elements.

  7. Greyscale: Convert the background image to greyscale for a monochrome effect, if desired.

  8. Parallax: Enable parallax scrolling for a dynamic effect where the background moves at a different speed than the foreground.

If you have specific ideas in mind for how you want your banner background to look, please provide more details or examples. This will help us assist you more effectively in achieving the desired result.

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Vzy Team