Email verification / Double opt-in

Hello I am adding this topic as it was listed in AppSumo some time ago and rescheduled for this month of February for implementation.

Latest update from Vzy on Jan 24,

Thank you for following up on the double opt-in feature we discussed back in October. We apologize for the delay; while it was initially scheduled for release in the following month, other priorities necessitated a rescheduling of our development timeline.

We are now firmly committed to making the double opt-in feature available in February. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated, and we’re looking forward to bringing you this functionality.’

Would you please confirm updates on the double opt-in feature ?

Thanks Vzy Team for your confirmation. Just a comment: some customers may find the feature redundant due to overlapping functions with email platforms. However, for beginners in email marketing like myself, I will work manually for now and this check is crucial for building clean lists.

So I would not add this as mandatory to all customers, but add a toggle to select it as an option.

Begin forwarded message:
From: Vzy Team
Subject: Re: How can Vzy be more extraordinary?
Date: 6 March 2024 at 11:17:08 CET

Thank you for your patience regarding the email verification feature. It is still a priority on our roadmap, and we are working to have it ready by April. We appreciate your understanding as we finalize this feature.

Best regards,
Vzy Team