My Site is always down in Desktop View

My website is always down in Desktop view but OK in Mobile view.

Also the SSL Certificate is being removed.

This happens mostly in the morning here in the Philippines, and it is normal during evening, kinda weird, can I get some help or insights about this?

Thanks for reaching out.
I just checked your website and it looks good.
Can you provide more details to guide you further.
Thanks a lot

Did you checked it in desktop view??

Here it is now.


Hello @SEO_Dad here is the preview below

I don’t know what time you SS this.

But in the Philippines time around 9 am-5 pm here’s what it looks like on desktop:

The server is down and ssl certificate is not properly working.

Hello SEO_Dad,

We have reviewed your website on desktop devices and it operates perfectly every time. If issues persist during specific times as you mentioned, it may be related to local network or server load conditions.

Best regards,
Vzy Team