Wrong Footer Link on Website


I have added a custom domain haushaltsaufloesung-entruempelung-hamburg.com but in the footer of the site it still shows the link to https://haushaltsaufloesung-entruempelung-hamburg.vzy.io/ (Haushaltsauflösung Entrümpelung Hamburg).

Can this be fixed?


Hello Elias,

Yes, you can update the footer link on your site to show your custom domain or new address. Here’s how to edit the footer link:

  1. Click the ‘Pages’ icon in the Vzy editor.
  2. Click the ‘Footer’ section.
  3. Click ‘Content’.
  4. Click ‘Links’.
  5. Click ‘Add Group’.
  6. Click on the group you added.
  7. Click ‘Add Link’.
  8. Click on the ‘Sub Link’ you added.
  9. Type or paste the new link in the ‘Link’ field.

This should correct the footer link to display as desired. Let us know if you need further assistance!