Ability to unpublish a website on Vzy

We believe that you should have full control over your online presence. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a feature that lets you decide when your website is visible to the world. It’s like having a light switch for your website, allowing you to turn it off and on whenever you like. “Unpublishing” your website simply means making it invisible to the public. It’s like closing the curtains on your window when you want some privacy. Your website is still there, but no one can see it until you publish again.

Why Unpublishing Matters:

  1. Privacy and Maintenance: Sometimes, you might need to work on your website or make updates without the world watching. Unpublishing lets you do this in peace.
  2. Temporary Changes: If you have special announcements, offers, or changes that are only for a certain time, you can unpublish your site until you’re ready to reveal them.
  3. Control Over Your Content: Unpublishing gives you control over your content. You can decide when it’s the right time to share your website with the world.

How to Unpublish Your Website on Vzy:

Unpublishing your website on Vzy is as easy as flipping a switch. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Settings: Look for the settings for your website. It’s a gear icon.
  2. Go to “Site”
  3. Click to Unpublish: Simply click on the “Unpublish” button and confirm.
  4. Your website will become invisible to the public.

When to Use Unpublishing:

  • When you’re working on major updates or changes to your website.
  • When you want to hide your website temporarily for a specific reason.
  • When you’re not ready to share your website with the world, but you want to work on it privately.
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