Ability to Upload Custom Icons

Imagine your website having its own special emojis. With “Upload Custom Icons,” you can add unique symbols that are totally you. It’s like creating your own set of emojis for your website. The option to upload custom icons is a valuable enhancement for users seeking a highly personalized and branded aesthetic on the Vzy AI website builder.
Your visitors will know it’s your site as soon as they see your special icons!

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This already works with the upload image option, just have to find the custom icons you want. Font Awesome (linked) is a good place to start.


Hello Brian,

Thank you for your input! Indeed, utilizing custom icons from platforms like Font Awesome can add a personalized touch to your designs. We’re glad to hear that the upload image option is already functioning smoothly for you. We’ll continue to explore ways to enhance the customization options, including the integration of more icon libraries, to provide users with even more creative freedom. We’ll keep you updated on any developments, and feel free to reach out if you have any further suggestions or questions!

Best regards,
Vzy Team