Alternative to Webhooks

*This is only necessary whilst custom webhooks are not available

If you’re trying to capture form submission data, try using Zapier. For instance when someone submits a form on my site I have Gmail add a label >> I then have a trigger in Zapier that captures the email, within guidelines of the label allowing me to capture the form submission data and send to another app for automatic replies. Hope this makes sense.

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Hello Chase,

Thank you for sharing your workaround for capturing form submission data. Utilizing Zapier to automate the process of capturing form submissions and sending them to another app for automatic replies is a clever solution, especially in the absence of custom webhooks.

By leveraging Zapier’s capabilities, users can streamline their workflow and ensure that they receive and respond to form submissions efficiently. This approach provides flexibility and allows users to integrate their form data with various third-party applications seamlessly.

We’ll take your suggestion into consideration as we explore ways to enhance our platform’s capabilities, including the possibility of incorporating custom webhooks in the future. In the meantime, we appreciate your proactive approach in finding alternative solutions to meet your needs.

Thank you for sharing your insights, and please feel free to reach out if you have any further suggestions or feedback. We’re committed to continuously improving our platform to better serve our users.

Best regards,
Vzy Team