Compare Vzy site plans - Free, Basic, Pro

Vzy offers site-based pricing tailored for freelancers and entrepreneurs managing multiple projects under one account. Here’s how each plan caters to your needs:

Free Plan: Ideal for personal projects or testing the platform. Manage up to 3 pages and 10 posts, plus 100 contacts in your form submissions. It’s equipped with basic SEO and site transfer capabilities, perfect for starters and small-scale projects.

Basic Plan: A step up for growing projects that require more content space and features. It expands your site with 100 pages and posts, boosts your contacts to 1000, and adds 1GB of storage. Enjoy a custom domain, hide Vzy branding for a professional look, protect pages with passwords, and more.

Pro Plan: The ultimate plan for professional websites that need limitless scalability. Unlock unlimited pages, posts, and contacts, plus a generous 10GB storage. Tailor your site with custom code, prepare for multi-language audiences, integrate with powerful tools, and look forward to exciting features like webhooks and integrations.

Choose based on your current needs, knowing you can easily upgrade as your website grows.

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So If I create one site with a link button, can I create a second and connect them ?

It says Soon after features coming up with pro but when is soon?

Any new templates on their way?
Kindly Nadja

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Hello Nadja_Jonsson,

Yes, you can connect one site with another using a link button. This feature will be available starting from April 2024. You can keep track of new features and updates by visiting Updates - Vzy. Additionally, we will be adding new templates, so stay tuned for more options to enhance your site design!

Best regards,
Vzy Team

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