Concern About Update Delays

Hello Magic Team VZY! Great job on the platform; it’s user-friendly and easy to use. However, I’ve noticed a slowdown, if not a complete halt, in updates and announced features that were announced since last year. So, the natural question is: Is everything okay?

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This is a good question. The other day i opened a support chat with no answer. So, i ask that tooo… Is everything ok?

Yes, it would be great to receive some updates from the team on the status of the planned features @evansakanno

Hi @Gabriele_Vasari, @Sumo-Ling5, and @Sumo-Ling_Lucia,

Thank you for reaching out! We appreciate your patience as we’ve been busy building new features and fixing bugs users have reported through email, on the forum and live chat.

We’ll be resuming regular email updates and forum posts next week. This will keep everyone informed about our progress and upcoming features. In the meantime, thanks for your understanding as we continue to improve our communication.

Best regards,