Difference between Basic & Pro sites on Vzy

When comparing Basic and Pro sites on Vzy, there are several key differences that cater to varying user needs and website demands:

Page, Post, and Product(soon) Limits:

  • Basic Site: Offers a substantial increase from the free tier, with limits set to 100 pages, posts, and products.
  • Pro Site: Removes these limits entirely, providing unlimited pages, posts, and products

AI Responses and Contacts:

  • Basic Site: Allows for up to 1,000 AI responses and 1,000 contacts, accommodating growing businesses and user interactions.
  • Pro Site: Offers unlimited AI responses and contacts, ensuring that even the highest volume of customer engagement can be managed seamlessly.

Storage Space:

  • Basic Site: Provides a generous 10GB of storage, suitable for numerous high-quality images and substantial website content.
  • Pro Site: Doubles this capacity to 20GB, giving ample room for even high-resolution video content and a vast array of media files.

Collaborators (soon):

  • Basic Site: Supports up to 3 collaborators, making it easier for small teams to work together on the website.
  • Pro Site: Allows for an unlimited number of collaborators, which is ideal for larger organizations that require many individuals to contribute to the website.

Platform Fees (soon):

  • Basic Site: Has a reduced platform fee of 3% compared to the free tier.
  • Pro Site: Further reduces this fee to 1%, significantly decreasing the costs of transactions.

Advanced Features:

  • Basic Site: Lacks some of the advanced features such as custom domain usage, the ability to remove Vzy branding, and custom code insertion.
  • Pro Site: Unlocks all advanced features including the use of custom domains, removal of Vzy branding, and the ability to insert custom code, offering full customization and brand control.

Site Export and Integrations:

  • Basic Site: Does not support site exporting or integrations.
  • Pro Site: Includes the ability to export the site and supports integrations, which can be critical for businesses that use various third-party tools and services.

Upcoming Features:

Both Basic and Pro sites are set to receive new features such as multilingual support and custom 404 pages in the future, further enhancing the functionality and user experience.

In summary, while the Basic site plan on Vzy offers a significant upgrade from the free tier with increased limits and capabilities, the Pro site plan is geared towards users who need the highest level of functionality, customization, and scalability from their website platform.