E-commerce capabilites

Something basic, at least, to list and manage products. And some blocks to present products or categories.


Maybe some tags and collections page… that will be great.

We are currently working on the development of E-commerce and will have this running soon

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Any update on the e-commerce features?

Hello Sumo-Ling13,

The ecommerce feature should be ready by the end of June. We have made significant progress and are on track to meet this deadline.

Thank you for your patience!

Best regards,
Vzy Team

Hello vzy

Try to think and integrate shopify as well. Yes it can be integrate via embed, but they provide one click checkout button, which can be placed at your ecommerce button, it works like affiliate, or own ecommerce and anything. Please think about it - I need this yes, but we can do it after export but still - you think it is also in demand - shopify integration.