Font size / colour / types

Would be great to be able to set-up and select different text types, i.e. Header 1-6, paragraph etc. with ability to change font size / colour / type for each text type. This would give great design scope across the site.

Following on from this, to be able to use different font sizes for the navigation for main pages vs sub-pages rather than default sizing now would be great.

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Hi Sigoti

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the text customization options! I totally get where you’re coming from—having that level of control over text types and fonts can really unleash serious design potential.

Right now, we’re juggling to keep Vzy super user-friendly, which means sometimes we keep things a bit more on the straightforward side. That said, ideas like yours are super valuable. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between simplicity and flexibility, right?

I’ll definitely toss your suggestions into the ring for our next team chat. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some of these in the updates down the line!