How to Add a Background Image or Video to a Section on Vzy

Customizing the background of your website’s sections can make your site stand out and captivate your audience. Whether you want to add a static image or a dynamic video, Vzy makes it easy to enhance each section to suit your style. Here’s how to update your section backgrounds:

  1. Select Your Desired Section: Click on the section you want to customize.

  2. Go to Style: Scroll down and choose “Section Background.”

  3. Upload or Select Your Media: To add a new image or video, Click the upload icon. Choose a file from your device. Alternatively, select an existing image. You can also choose a stock photo from ‘Unsplash.’

A well-chosen background image or video can significantly enhance the look and feel of your website. Be sure to select media that is relevant to your content, aligns with your brand, and does not detract from the readability of your site’s text.