How to Delete a Section from Your Vzy Website

Deleting a section from your Vzy website can be important for keeping your page streamlined and up-to-date. Whether it’s to eliminate redundant content or to declutter the layout, here’s how you can easily delete a section from your Vzy site:

  1. Select Section to Delete:
    On a desktop, hover your mouse over the section you want to delete.
    On mobile, simply tap on the section you want to delete.

  2. Click Section Settings:
    Click on the ‘···’ icon, which is usually located at the top of the panel for the specific section you want to delete. This will open a dropdown menu with various options.

  3. Delete Section:
    From the displayed options, select ‘Delete’. This action will prompt you for confirmation.

  4. Confirm Delete Section:
    Confirm your choice by clicking ‘Yes, Delete’ again. This will permanently remove the section from your page.
    On mobile, after clicking ‘Yes, Delete’, you should also click ‘Done’ to finalize the deletion process.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage the content on your Vzy website, ensuring that only relevant and useful sections are displayed to your visitors.