How to Delete Uploaded Images on Vzy

Keeping your media library organized by removing unused images can help you manage your website’s storage space and maintain its efficiency. Here’s how you can delete uploaded images from your Vzy website:

  1. Access Your Media Library: Click on the section that contains the image you want to delete. Click on the image icon you want to delete.

  2. Locate the Image to Delete: In the media library, you’ll see a section labeled ‘Uploads’ where all your uploaded images are stored. Browse through the library to quickly find the image you want to remove.

  3. Delete the Image: Click the ‘Edit’ option. Select the image by clicking on it. Click the trash can icon. Confirm that you want to delete the image.

Once you have deleted the image, it will no longer take up space in your media library, and it will be removed from any sections of your website where it was previously used.

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