How to Duplicate a Section on Your Vzy Website

Duplicating a section in Vzy is a convenient feature that allows you to copy a specific layout or content style. This is particularly useful for maintaining consistency throughout your site. Here’s a straightforward method to duplicate a section on your Vzy website:

  1. Select the Section to Duplicate:
    On a desktop, hover your mouse over the section that you want to duplicate.
    On mobile, simply tap on the section you want to duplicate.

  2. Click Section Settings:
    Click on the ‘···’ icon, typically found at the top of the section’s panel. This will open a dropdown menu with various options.

  3. Duplicate Section:
    From the options, select ‘Duplicate’. This action will create an exact copy of the selected section.
    On mobile, after clicking ‘Duplicate’, you should also click ‘Done’ to finalize the duplication process.

By duplicating sections, you can quickly replicate successful designs and formats across your website, ensuring a uniform and professional look with minimal effort.