How to set up form submissions on Vzy

How to Set Up Form Submissions on Your Vzy Website

Implementing a form on your Vzy website is an effective method to collect information from your visitors. Whether for feedback, inquiries, or sign-ups, here’s a straightforward process to set up form submissions:

Start with a Banner or Hero Section:
1. In your Vzy editor, click on the banner section, typically the first section after the header. Alternatively, you can create a new hero section by clicking the ‘+’ icon and selecting ‘Hero’.

Add a Form to Your Section:
2. Within the selected section, go to the ‘Action’ panel. Here, select ‘Form’ to add a form element to the section.

Customize Your Form Fields:
3. Click on ‘Form’ to customize the fields of your form based on the details you wish to collect from visitors. You’ll find options to add or modify fields as needed.

Email Field Inclusion:
4. Notice that the email field is automatically included and is a fixed element in the form, meaning it can’t be deselected.

Set Up Call-to-Action:
5. Choose ‘Options’ and then ‘Button’. Here, you can enter the text for your call-to-action button, encouraging visitors to submit the form.

Finalize and Save:
6. Once you’ve configured your form, click ‘Done’ located at the top right corner of the editor (or the corresponding option on mobile) to save your changes.

By following these steps, you can efficiently set up a form on your Vzy website, making it easier to engage with your audience and gather valuable information.