How to transfer a website on Vzy

Transferring ownership of your Vzy website, whether to a new owner or a different account, is a straightforward process. Here’s a guide to help you securely transfer your website on Vzy:

  1. Open Site Settings:
    On a desktop, locate and click the ‘Settings’ icon on the left panel. On a mobile device, tap ‘Settings’ in the bottom menu.

  2. Click Transfer Site:
    Within Site Settings, scroll to the bottom for the option to transfer your website.

  3. Enter Recipient’s Email:
    Enter the email address of the user to whom you want to transfer the site.

  4. Click Transfer:
    After entering the email, click the ‘Transfer’ button.

  5. Confirm the Transfer:
    Click ‘Transfer’ again in a confirmation window to finalize the transfer.

With these steps, you can smoothly transition your Vzy website to a new owner or account, ensuring a seamless handover of your digital asset.

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Hola! Cuando se transfiere la página web, también se transfieren todos los archivos que hay en las demás páginas web?

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solo los archivos en ese sitio en particular solamente