How Vzy makes website building easy

Here is how to explore Vzy and its benefits


Creating a website is easy with Vzy. Just tell us about your business, and our AI will do the heavy lifting by adding content, style, images, forms, and SEO. You can edit and publish the website on your mobile or desktop browser.


  1. Ability to edit the name of the pages you create, and this change will automatically reflect in the page banner.
  2. SEO titles are concise, informative, and include your target keywords, so they are the first thing a potential visitor sees in search results.
  3. Compelling descriptions that force visitors to click on your page.
  4. The chosen images will effectively represent your page.
  5. Suitable Titles will be used as the default title tag displayed in browser tabs and search results.
  6. Ability to change your website’s domain name.
  7. Favicon helps users visually identify your website.
  8. Ability to upload your own favicon image.
  9. Custom Domain are available when you upgrade to a paid plan.
  10. If you need to make a copy of your site, Vzy makes it easy with the Duplicate Site feature.
  11. Transfer Site feature allows you to transfer ownership of your site to another user, and it is available on paid plans.
  12. If you decide to part ways with your site, deleting it will remove all associated data, including pages and settings.
  13. Ability to remove Vzy branding, this is a paid plan for a more professional touch.

With Vzy, you’ve got all the tools you need to create and customize your website exactly the way you want it. Enjoy building your website!