Preloader: switch off or on in vzy site settings

Customize Your Website’s Loading Experience: Preloader On/Off Option in Vzy Site Settings

Your website’s first impression matters, and the loading experience sets the tone for your visitors. At Vzy, we’re dedicated to helping you create websites that captivate and engage your audience right from the start. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a feature that gives you complete control over your website’s preloader – the Preloader On/Off Option in Vzy Site Settings.

What is the Preloader On/Off Option?

The Preloader On/Off Option is a versatile addition to our platform that allows you to choose whether or not to include a preloader on your website. A preloader is the animated screen or icon that appears while your website is loading. With this feature, you can tailor your website’s loading experience to match your brand, message, and audience expectations.

Why the Preloader On/Off Option Matters:

  1. Customized Experience: Decide whether you want to greet your visitors with a preloader animation or present your content immediately.
  2. Brand Consistency: Ensure that your website’s loading experience aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and messaging.
  3. Loading Speed: Choose to eliminate the preloader to speed up the time it takes for your website to become accessible.
  4. User Engagement: A well-designed preloader can engage visitors and build anticipation for your content.

How to Use the Preloader On/Off Option:

Tailoring your website’s loading experience is simple with the Preloader On/Off Option. Here’s how to make the most of this feature:

  1. Access Vzy Site Settings: Log in to your Vzy account and navigate to the site settings for your website.
  2. Locate Preloader Settings: Look for the “Preloader” settings within the site settings menu.
  3. Toggle the Option: Enable or disable the preloader based on your preference by toggling the switch.
  4. Save Changes: Save your settings, and your website will now load with or without the preloader, depending on your selection.
  5. Preview and Publish: Before publishing your website, preview it to ensure the loading experience aligns with your vision.