Save sections for re-use across your site

We have read some emails about freelance users asking for ways to speed up the building process while keeping their unique style intact. So, here it is!

With “Saved Sections,” you can:

  1. Save and Reuse: No need to recreate the section every time. Save any section you’ve perfected, and it’ll be waiting for you in the ‘Saved’ tab, ready to be dropped into any new page with just one click.
  2. Maintain Consistency: Keep the look and feel of your site consistent. Once you’ve nailed that perfect card, list or testimonial section, use it across your site without the fuss of duplicating your efforts.
  3. Streamline Workflow: It’s all about making things smoother for you. Less time building means more time creating content, refining your services, and growing your business.

How simple is it? Just select a section, save it, and when you’re crafting a new page, pop into the ‘Saved’ tab. Your sections are there, ready to go.

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