Cookie banner: popup notification for cookie policy

As a responsible website owner, it’s essential to prioritize user privacy and transparency. In the digital landscape, one way to achieve this is through a Cookie Banner – a popup notification that informs your visitors about your website’s cookie policy. At Vzy, we’re dedicated to helping you build websites that not only engage but also respect user privacy and adhere to legal requirements.

What is a Cookie Banner?

A Cookie Banner is an essential component of your website that serves as a transparent notification to users regarding the use of cookies and tracking technologies. It informs visitors that your site collects data for various purposes, such as analytics, personalization, and advertising, in line with privacy regulations.

Why the Cookie Banner Matters:

  1. Legal Compliance: Many countries and regions require websites to inform users about their use of cookies to comply with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.
  2. User Consent: A Cookie Banner allows users to give their informed consent or make choices about cookie settings, promoting transparency and control.
  3. Privacy Transparency: By displaying a Cookie Banner, you demonstrate a commitment to privacy transparency and user rights.
  4. Enhanced Trust: Users appreciate websites that respect their privacy and provide clear information about data collection and usage.

Prioritize Privacy and Transparency:

The Cookie Banner in Vzy empowers you to respect user privacy, comply with regulations, and build trust with your audience. By providing clear information and choices regarding cookies, you demonstrate your commitment to privacy transparency and user rights. Welcome to a world where user privacy is valued and respected, thanks to the Cookie Banner in Vzy.

Can you highlight where we can enable Cookie banners? I can not find the option on the site or settings.
Thank you

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Hello @David its actually part of the Footer settings.
We will create a shortcut from the Site settings.

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Thank you. That’s really helpful.
Now I’m GDPR compliant.