Editable Site not Synced with Published Site

One of my sites called DeeTours is connected to my deetours.us custom domain successfully. I made a significant amount of edits to the home page and published them. When I go to deetours.us, the changes I made are represented there on the page, but when I got to vzy[dot]co to see my websites and edit that one, the editing interface shows me the website as it was originally generated, without the changes I made. It seems there are two versions of my website, and the editor is not showing the most updated version. Help!

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Hello @Tim_Goree Try to republish your site after making these changes and reload your browser on all devices or wherever you have vzy.co open.

I am having this same issue. My website url shows a tarrot card website which i don’t own.

Same issue here. The edited version is saved from previous sessions but the recently published version shows a much older version before the edits were made.

I’ve refreshed everything and re-published many times but it’s not working.

Please advise.