How to display information in organized lists on Vzy

To add a lists section

  1. Click + button on where you want the lists section to be
  2. Select Lists.

To add text to label, title, & subtitle of lists section

  1. Click lists section in the editor
  2. In the panel, enter text into the field Label, Title, and Subtitile
  3. Click Done on mobile
  4. To realign your text, go to Style section
  5. In Align, choose your preferred alignment
  6. Click Done on mobile
  7. To have the title on the left in lists section, go to Style section
  8. In Left Title, toggle it on.

To change the layout of the lists section

  1. Click the lists section in the editor
  2. Go to Style section of the panel
  3. Choose from the styles and layouts listed
  4. Choose if you want your lists displayed in Grid or Carousel
  5. Select the number of grids if applicable
  6. Drag the slider in Height to adjust the lists height
  7. To change text size, go to Style section, In Text, click S, M or L
  8. To turn off the lists background, go to Background and toggle it off
  9. To turn off the lists icon, go to Icon and toggle it off
  10. To add borders to lists, go to Border and toggle it on
  11. To rearrange lists style and layout, click Star icon on the lists section in the editor.