How to organize content with expandable sections on Vzy

An accordion is a great way to make content shorter and easier to read! For instance, if you have a lot of questions and answers on a website, you can click the “+” or “>” button to reveal more information - that’s an accordion!

To use accordions

  1. In the editor, click + to add an accordion
  2. Select Accordion from the available sections
  3. In Content, enter text in Title and Subtitle
  4. To add new accordion, click Add Accordion
  5. To edit an accordion, click on it and enter text
  6. To delete an accordion, click on it, then click trash icon
  7. In Style, customize your accordion with > or +
  8. Align section title using Left, Centre, or Right
  9. Toggle on Left Title for an advanced left style
  10. To delete accordion section, hover on it, then click trash icon.

Overview of accordions

Accordions on Vzy are incredibly useful components that allow users to quickly expand or collapse content. When collapsed, they display a brief summary; when expanded, they show the full information. Accordions are composed of two parts: a title and a text area. The title has an expand/collapse icon. When clicked, the icon will toggle the content area open or closed. The text area contains the complete content of the accordion.

Benefits of accordions

  • Accordions keep your content organized: Accordions are an excellent way to reduce the amount of space needed to display content. You can easily organize your content into sections and expand each section as needed.
  • Accordions are intuitive and easy to use: Accordions are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. They are simple to use and understand, enabling users to quickly locate the information they need.
  • Accordions are mobile-friendly: Accordions are designed to be responsive to different screen sizes. This ensures that your content remains readable and easy to use on any device.
  • Accordions improve the user experience: Accordions are a great way to enhance user experience. They make it simpler to find information and reduce the amount of scrolling required to access the information.