How to use Google Analytics with Vzy

Google Analytics is a web analytics service by Google that provides detailed statistics and analytics for websites, helping users understand website traffic, user behavior, and other relevant metrics.

To easily integrate google anaytics to your Vzy website:

  1. To get started, you need a published website and a google analytics account.

  2. Go to and Sign up or Login.

  3. Select save to get to dashboard

  4. On the bottom left, select admin

  5. Then scroll to data streams

  6. Tap on add stream and select web (To track a website)

  7. Input website url and site name

  8. Then tap on create stream

  9. Copy the measurement ID (will be used to measure your site traffic)

  10. Paste the code you copied into header

  11. Click on save.

  12. Publish to view changes

Sorry, which Header are we to place this code into?

Go to Site Settings > Custom Code
Add the Google Analytics script to the Header code
Save and Publish.