How to write a blog post with AI

Creating engaging and insightful blog posts is crucial for keeping your audience interested. With the help of AI on vzy, this task becomes not only easier but also more efficient.
Here’s how to craft your next blog post using AI on

  1. Starting a New Blog Post:
  • Log into your vzy account and select the site you wish to add your blog post.
    Navigate to the ‘Posts’ section from the left panel.
  • Click on ‘Create New Post’, or select an existing draft.
  1. Crafting Your Title and Subtitle:
  • Use clear, concise, and catchy titles to grab attention.
  • For subtitles, provide a sneak peek into what the blog post will cover.
  1. Selecting Media Type:
  • Choose whether you want to accompany your post with an image. This media type will serve as the visual focal point of your blog post. You can either upload or add from the unsplash plugin.
  1. Writing Your Content with AI:
  • Begin with an introduction that hooks the reader. The AI beside the bold “B” icon can help you to rewrite, shorten, expand, simplify, write in formal or friendly tone"
  • Use the AI to assist in expanding on your points, ensuring the content flows logically from one paragraph to the next.
  1. Editing and Formatting: Utilize the AI to make your blog better by selecting any of the AI options.
  • Format your post with headings, bullet points, and emphasized text for better readability.
  1. Publishing Your Post:
  • Once your content is polished and ready, hit the ‘Publish’ button to share your blog post with the world.

Using AI in your blog post creation process on vzy can greatly enhance the quality of your content and streamline the writing process. With AI’s assistance, you can focus more on the creative aspects of blogging, while the technicalities are efficiently handled by the platform.