How to connect SUBdomain externally if ROOT is already connected to VZY?

Hi there,
I have succesfully connected my root domain (my name) with VZY and everything works fine so far.
My question: I would like to blog regularly on GHOST and connect my blog on GHOST under the subdomain “
Is that possible and if so, how?
Thank you, kind regards!

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I do have the same question :confused:

I have connected my blog in a subdomain.

My website is and my blog is that is made in an app called SubPage. To connect it i just addded the CNAME with the host blog and the destinity provided by SubPage in this case.

I don’t know how GHOST works, but im sure it will be almost the same.

Hello Tobias,

We visited your subdomain “” and confirmed that it has been successfully set up and is currently functioning as intended with the Ghost blogging platform. Everything appears to be working fine.

Best regards,
Vzy Team

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