How to disconnect a custom domain from your Vzy website

If you need to remove a custom domain from your Vzy site for reasons like rebranding, changing domains, or other adjustments, Vzy makes this process simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide to disconnecting your custom domain:

  1. Open Settings:
    On a desktop, locate and click the ‘Settings’ icon on the left panel. On a mobile device, tap ‘Settings’ in the bottom menu.

  2. Open Site Settings:
    Within Site Settings, scroll to the bottom for the option labeled ‘Custom domain’.

  3. Click Custom Domain:

    • Click ‘Custom domain’ to view your domain settings.
  4. Click Disconnect Domain:

    • Click ‘Disconnect Domain’ to start the process of removing your custom domain from your Vzy site.
  5. Click Disconnect:

    • Click ‘Disconnect’ to confirm that you want to remove the domain.
  6. Click Done:

    • After disconnecting, click ‘Done’ to finalize the changes.

Following these steps, you can successfully disconnect your custom domain from your Vzy site, freeing up the domain for other uses or preparing your site for a new domain.