How to manage your pages on Vzy

Effective page management is key to maintaining a streamlined and user-friendly website on… With tools to add, edit, or duplicate your pages, Vzy simplifies the process. Below is a guide to managing pages on Vzy:

Creating a New Page

  1. Go to Pages:
    Click on the ‘Pages’ icon located on the left side of the editor if you’re using a desktop, or select it from the bottom menu on mobile.

  2. Create New Page:
    Click ‘New Page’ to add a new page to your site.

Managing Existing Pages

  1. Go to Page Options:
    Click the three dots ‘···’ icon next to the page you want to manage.

  2. Manage Page:
    A menu appears with options to duplicate the page, add it to the header, set it as the home page, access page settings, or delete the page.

Renaming a Page

  1. Select the Page:
    Go to the ‘Pages’ section and select the page you wish to rename.

  2. Enter Page Settings:
    Click on the ‘Settings’ icon for desktop or find it in the bottom menu on mobile.

  3. Rename and Save:
    In the ‘Title’ field, type the new name and click ‘Save’ to apply the changes.

Deleting a Page

  1. Choose the Page to Remove:
    In the ‘Pages’ section, click the ‘···’ next to the page you want to delete or open the page and go to its settings.

  2. Confirm Deletion:
    Select ‘Delete’ to remove the page.

Duplicating a Page

  1. Choose the Page to Duplicate:
    Click the ‘···’ beside the page you wish to duplicate and select ‘Duplicate’.

  2. Or Duplicate from Settings:
    Open the page settings and choose ‘Duplicate Page’.

Adding a Page to the Header

  1. Open Page Options:
    In the ‘Pages’ section, click the ‘···’ beside the desired page.

  2. Add to Header:
    Select ‘Add to Header’ to place your page in the site’s header menu.

Linking a Page to the Menu

  1. Go to the Header:
    Click on the header area of your site within the editor.

  2. Link the Page:
    Select the menu where you want the link to appear, type the name of the page, and select it from the dropdown that appears.

By following these steps, you can take full control of your Vzy website’s structure, ensuring a smooth navigation experience for your visitors. Remember to regularly review and update your pages to keep your site content fresh and engaging.

Is it possible to customize the page link? I don’t want my page links to be /page2 etc. I would prefer a branded link.

Hello @Hands_On_Music and welcome to Vzy. We identified a bug that affects links and we are resolving this within 24 hours.

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Thank you for the quick response - both to my post and the resolution. The issue has been resolved and I can now update the page links. :grinning: :+1:t6:

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Thank you for trusting us!