How to duplicate your Vzy site

Duplicating your Vzy website can be incredibly useful, whether you’re backing up your site, testing new changes, or building a new site based on an existing layout. Follow this straightforward process to create a copy of your site on Vzy:

  1. Open Settings:
    On a desktop, locate and click the ‘Settings’ icon on the left panel. On a mobile device, tap ‘Settings’ in the bottom menu.

  2. Open Site Settings:
    Within Site Settings, scroll to the bottom for the option to duplicate your website.

  3. Click Duplicate:
    Select ‘Duplicate page’. This will create an exact copy of your current site. You can then modify this duplicate site as required, without altering the original version.

By duplicating your site, you have the freedom to experiment with design changes or develop a new website, all while preserving the integrity of your original site.