How to Set SEO Title, Description, and Share Image on Vzy

Enhancing your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can significantly improve its visibility online. Vzy provides an intuitive way to set up your page’s SEO title, description, and share image. Here’s how you can optimize your page for search engines and social sharing:

  1. Go to Page Settings: In your Vzy editor, click on the ‘Settings’ icon to access the various settings of your page.

  2. Access SEO & Social: Select the ‘SEO & Social’ option. This area is dedicated to configuring your page’s SEO and social media details.

  3. Set SEO Title: Click on the ‘SEO title’ field. Enter a concise and descriptive title for your page. Make sure to use relevant keywords and keep it up to 55 characters for better online visibility.

  4. Write SEO Description: In the ‘SEO description’ box, write a brief summary of your page, around 150 characters. This should be attractive and informative, giving search engines and potential visitors a clear overview of what to expect on your page.

  5. Upload Share Image: This image will be displayed when your page is shared on social media platforms. Click on the image icon to upload an image that represents your page content.

  6. Toggle Visibility: Decide if you want your page to appear in search results. If you don’t, toggle the ‘Hide from search results’ option.

  7. Preview Your SEO Settings: Vzy automatically generates a summary of your page for review. Ensure that your SEO title, description, and share image appear as expected.

  8. Save Your Changes: Once you are satisfied with your SEO settings, click ‘Done’ to save your changes.

  9. Publish Updates: Remember to publish your page to apply the new SEO settings and make them live on your website.

By following these steps, you can effectively set your page’s SEO title, description, and share image, helping to improve your site’s search engine ranking and social media presence.