Ticks not the same size

In the price module, when you add options from 1 or 2 lines… the ticks are not of the same size. I attach screenshot.

Thank you for highlighting this.
It appears that when the pricing is in 2 lines, the icon size is smaller.
We will investigate this and release a fix within a week.

It seems that the more lines, smaller the tick, the biggest tick is the one line, and smaller is the one with 4 lines.

Thanks for the insights. We will ensure this is resolved.
cc @Ifee @jubril


We have resolved the issue with the size of the ticks in the price module. They should now appear uniform regardless of the number of lines in the options. Please check and confirm that everything is displaying correctly on your end.

Best regards,
Vzy Team

Now its working properly, thanks!

We’re glad to hear that everything is working properly now! If you need further assistance or have any more questions in the future, feel free to reach out. Thank you!