How to link to existing content on your Vzy website

Step 1: Choose Where to Add Your Link
Click on the section where you want to add your link. This could be the Header (for top menu links), a Card (for featured content), a List (for organized items), a Review (for testimonials), or the Pricing section (for product or service offerings).

Step 2: Find the Link Option
In the selected section, look for an option that says “Link.” This might be directly visible or part of the items such as in links, lists or cards within the section.

Step 3: Set Up Your Link
To edit an existing link, click on it. To link to specific content, use the search feature to find the desired page or section of your website. From the search results, select the appropriate section or page to link to.

Step 4: Publish Changes
After setting up your link, it’s important to publish your changes. This action activates the link on your live website. Always review your changes before publishing to ensure everything appears as you intended.

Once published, visit your website as a visitor would. Click on the new link to confirm that it works correctly and directs to the intended destination.